Producing Great Leadership Through Discipline and Character Training

"Karaoke For Christ Productions is an artist-centered production company that promotes artists through superior leadership and distinguished experience. Business is initiated and motivated by outcome-based results that are required to provide carefully selected artists, with the epitome of talent, skill, & work ethic, the opportunity of a lifetime to share their gifts across a spectrum of venues preparing the artist for future career success."


Regardless of the scope or budget, we approach all projects the same way. From concept development to the final deliverable, we offer a wide variety of production services for corporate, commercial, and government clients.



Provide customers with  a blueprint for the entire production process. We conduct research, project management, marketing, promotion, and strategic business planning preparation for production.




After the preparations are complete, it's time to turn on the lights, roll the camera, turn up the sound boards, setup up the keyboards and guitars and make the best products that can be made.  We create and write music, books, musicals, and movies capturing the action, heart and ideology of every client.


10 Steps to a Successful Production

 1. Reduced Capital Cost – Flat Rate Budgeting

2. Concept Development

3. Preproduction /Blueprints

4. Production (Studio Time/Editing/ Equipment/Authoring. Mixing/Mastering/ Sound Design)

5. Business and Brand Development (Website/ Social Media Plan/ Financial Planning)

5. Online Solicitation Design (Digital and Online media Stores i.e. iTunes, Amazon, Google Store)

6. Post Production (CD production, duplication, graphic design, 2D, 3D, and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound capabilities.

7. Promotion (Networking, Partnerships, K4C's  "Unique" rampUp model)

8. Licensing and Royalty Management

9. Legal matters/ music usage/contracts

10. Pray continuously for the ministry God has given you the opportunity to live


K4C's skilled staff has worked with many clients in the combined 60 years of experience. We have experts in audio,video,lighting, direction, producing, staging, and time management.

We produce world class sound and mix content radio ready.  We also provide original licensed work within our K4C community catalogs with a choice of genre ranging from Country/Christian to Hip-Hop, R&B, and Rap. by an international network of musicians, compose customized tracks, and handle licensing and contractual/legal matters for music usage as required.



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